Lesley has made several fabulous necklaces for me to a longer length than is standard (I have a bigger neck) they fall exactly where I want them to and they all feel so special.

The quality of the stones is exceptional and its lovely putting a necklace on and you can feel the cool of the stones.  They are so much longer and keep their sparkle far better than plastic imitations.

Lesley keeps precise records of the things I like and my sizes so it’s great when my sister wants to get me a personal present and she can always be sure I will love it.

Do you have a favourite necklace that is past its best?  Ever thought of having it revamped?  I did.  Some costume jewellery is quite pricey and we don’t want to just bin it when a couple of beads look worn or break.  Lesley has brought back to life several treasured pieces for me by restringing and replacing tired looking sections and now I look forward to years more wear.

Pepita | London

Striking, individual and original jewellery suitable for every occasion, the crystals and glass catch the light and attract positive comments whenever I wear it. I have many of Lesley’s designs, each one has something special about it and the attention to detail right down to the clasp is superb.

For everyday or special occasions they complement an outfit and complete the look. Choosing one of Lesley’s necklaces from my collection for me is like opening a box of chocolate…I love them all but there will be one that is just right!

Sue | Colchester

I just wanted to share with you that I am wearing the jewellery that you made for me and I not only feel like a princess, but I also feel the high energy vibration with which you created it. I got an energy surge when I put it on!

Roni | Colchester

Lesley said that the ring would need a special person to wear it so I feel very special as it is beautiful and unique.

Tracey | Colchester

I’m a real lover of different necklaces and have one for every outfit. I love this silver one as it goes with everything both every day and special occasions

Sally | Chelmsford

Love this jewellery…Lesley’s designs are unique and absolutely stunning.

Lesley always knows which styles suit me and her talent in making jewellery just for me makes me feel incredibly special.

Victoria |  Colchester

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