How Lesley Got Started

Artistic talents seem to run in my family, I am related to the Scottish artist Robert Monro Bryson and with my Father winning an art scholarship and developing his own design and printing business at a very early age I was destined to do something creative. I originally wanted to pursue a career in fashion design, however as you can imagine career advice when I was young wasn’t very helpful and I was encouraged to seek alternative career options.

So when platform shoes, cheese cloth shirts, maxi dresses, and ex-military overcoats were in fashion, Sweet, Slade and Roxy Music were in the charts, off I went to North East Essex Technical College (now Colchester Institute) to train as a medical secretary, how far from fashion and design could you get?

Securing my first job in the NHS in London, I have been in the NHS ever since gaining managerial roles and achieving my Post Graduate Management qualifications in the late 90’s.

Before we got married I was living in London, Stephen was working in Bristol, and for several years I took up evening classes creating my own sterling silver jewellery with inset semiprecious stones which I really enjoyed, but unfortunately when I left London to get married other things seemed to take over and the hobby stopped.

A couple of years ago I started to make jewellery for myself as a hobby to relax and give to friends as presents, I loved doing this and became totally absorbed in the activity. Several friends commented on the jewellery I was wearing, and once they realised that I had designed and made the items myself they asked if I would make something for them.

This is how it all started by making things for myself and friends, selling what I had made to turnover stock and finance the costs of my hobby. As time passed friends that didn’t live locally kept asking when I was going to get a website? Well here it is! And it’s another way for me to let everyone know and see what I am doing.

Jewellery can make an enormous difference to enhance an outfit and can give people greater confidence with their appearnce. Many people attending my parties have become far more adventurous with their jewellery purchases, now wearing styles and colours that they previously didn’t think would work for them. I will never let someone wear something that isn’t right for them, but I enjoy challenging their reservations and enjoy seeing my jewellery look beautiful on them.

I am very passionate about using quality products, vibrant exotic colours and textures, silver, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, Murano glass and Shamballa style beads and enjoy designing and creating many different styles of jewellery. The products that I work with come from around the world, Murano glass from Italy, tassels from China and Turkey, metals from Tibet and Afghanistan, handmade beads from Africa……..and I am looking forward to visiting some of these countries to source new and exciting things as my knowledge and courage grows.

The Eastern Arts and spiritual beliefs have both interested me and indeed helped me maintain calm, positive and motivated in a very challenging work environment, and it delights me to hear friends say that they feel the positive energy within my jewellery when they wear it. Certain materials and colours are said to help influence our moods and should you wish I can work with you to create jewellery in colours to help optimise the energy most helpful for you.

I love my jewellery parties! …Stephen, now our resident waiter for the evening cannot get over how they are as much a social gathering of friends as an opportunity to see what I have made, and purchase something special for yourself or a friend. We have a great girls night in and there’s no shortage of advice when it comes to knowing ‘’if you look good in that!’’

I have created a fun and elegant collection, and think I have something special to suit most people’s tastes. As I always say, I hope that you find what you are looking for, but if not, let me know and I will create something specifically special for you!

I hope that you enjoy my website and if you have ideas or suggestions please let me know.


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